Advantage of Using Screen Printing in Garments

Screen printing is a printing process in which a film is placed on a mesh. This mesh is then exposed to a light source, which hardens the emulsion on the uncovered parts of the screen. A squeegee is then used to spread the ink down the length of the screen. The ink presses through the stencil’s open areas and transfers to the item’s surface. The finished product is a multicolored print that looks like a painting or a photograph.

Screen printing is more expensive than other forms of printing, as it involves multiple steps. Since the screen must be fabricated for each color of the design, it is best reserved for large orders. The more garments you order, the cheaper the per-unit cost will be. To get a price quote for screen printing, visit a local print shop and ask about the cost of a large order. Most screen printing companies offer price breaks if you order in bulk.

Screen printing is an excellent choice for businesses looking to promote their products. Using a screen will help your business gain a loyal following and build brand recognition. Compared to other printing techniques, screen printing will also result in higher profit margins. However, you should know that screen printing does require some internal prep work, so it may take longer to finish your project. But the payoff will be worth it in the long run. In addition to the benefits of screen printing, it’s also environmentally friendly.

Aside from being cheaper, screen printing is also more durable, which is important for long-term prints. Whether you’re designing a logo or an entire logo, screen printing is an excellent way to personalize a product and make it stand out. A screen printer can also produce high-quality logos and other designs that are readable on a wide range of surfaces. A great printing company can also provide a variety of services to promote your business.

The process of screen printing involves using a light-sensitive emulsion to create a stencil. The stencil is developed in a similar fashion to a photograph. The stencil can have single or multiple shades of ink. When there are multiple colors, the inks must be applied one by one in separate layers. This method produces vibrant colors on dark fabrics and is more durable than digital printing. And because it doesn’t use digital inks, it can also produce very detailed multicolored designs.

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