Roof Cleaning With a Pressure Washer Is Dangerous and Unnecessary Risk

Pressure washers are a great tool for cleaning many surfaces around the house. They can be used to prep paint jobs, wash driveways and sidewalks, peel potatoes and a host of other household chores. But using a pressure washer on your roof is a dangerous and unnecessary risk that could cost you big in repairs to your tiles or metal.

The main problem with cleaning your roof with a pressure washer is that the pressurized water can damage your shingles and cause leaks into your home. It can also break off granules from your roofing materials, causing the material to become worn and less effective at protecting your home against moisture.

When you use a pressure washer on your roof, you’re blasting hot, pressurized water at high speeds. This can cause a variety of problems, from tearing off shingles to denting and damaging sheet metal and gutter attachments.

It’s also very easy to injure yourself while working at heights with a pressure washer. The most common injuries from this work are cuts, scrapes and falls. Depending on the severity of the injury, these accidents can be fatal.

The best way to avoid these risks is to hire a professional to complete the roof cleaning. This will not only remove the dirt and grime, but it will also protect your roof from further damage and extend its lifespan.

Professional roof cleaning companies can clean your roof with a soft wash technique, which is less likely to damage the surface of your roof or injure you while working on it. This process uses a soap dispenser nozzle to apply the cleaner, which is then rinsed off with a low-pressure washer.

A professional will typically start the cleaning process at the top of your roof and work their way down. This is to prevent the nozzle from shooting water under overlapping sections of your roof or in other places where the tiles or metal sheets connect or overlap. The professional will also ensure that the nozzle is never pointed directly at a shingle.

When you’re hiring a professional to complete your roof cleaning, make sure they have a valid license and insurance coverage. This will help you avoid potential issues with your local authorities and ensure that the work is done properly. In addition, you should ask about the pricing and scheduling process for your roof cleaning appointment.

If your roof is looking dingy and you’re considering using a pressure washer to get rid of the buildup, think again. A dingy roof may be a sign that it’s time to replace it, but changing a roof solely because of its appearance would be a huge waste of money. A roof replacement can be costly and time-consuming, so it’s better to simply hire a professional power washing company in Alexandria to perform regular soft washing sessions. For more details visit

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